family photos


Old Friends

A couple of years ago I worked at a restaurant supply company, I had a lot of friends there, but after I left I kind of disconnected from everyone there-- I suppose as a way to 'start over', or something.

One of my dearest friends from that old job was Jon, and by extension one of my favorite families. There were very few people I could talk to candidly, and genuinely, as most everyone there, by no fault of their own, were in work mode all the time. But with Jon I got close to his family, we shared our various challenges in and out of the work place, and we hung out occasionally outside of work. I would sit at his desk, or he at my desk, and I swear I could talk for hours about, well, anything really.

At any rate, his family feels like family to me, and although I haven't seen them for so long, having them come over to shoot a few photographs with me was like old times all over again... the good, old times.

It was legitimately my pleasure, and I thank you all again for coming to see me, having some fun stomping around the property, a big thank you to Alicia for dealing with my studio direction, and helping me create some of my favorite photographs to date.

Thank you genuinely.