It's been a while. 

Tending to my website, telling visual stories, finding time and the ambition to get it all up and moving again hasn't been easy.

But with a New Year comes new goals, new routines, and most of all a renewed sense of purpose. As the days get longer, and the sun continues it's ascension towards summer a new light emerges--both literally and metaphorically--and sometimes we make our way back to where it all began, to our old haunts.

With winter depression taking its toll it was time for new sleep patterns, new exercise routines, new eating habits. The walk, as boring and mundane as it always seemed to me, brought me back from the brink, and with my camera in hand I've slowly made my way back to normalcy.

All images taken with the Fujifilm X100T


I was reading today, on one of my Facebook group posts, how excited everyone was to possibly attend another lighting workshop by Brett Howard. It got me recollecting the experience for a bit, and then I remembered I took some behind-the-scenes photos from the experience. 

Brett understands just about everything there is to know from a technical perspective, but he outlines it clearly and concisely. What you're left with is a full primer on the fundamentals of not only lighting, but your camera as well, and access to professional quality equipment with professional models/actresses. It was an awesome experience.

Brett Howard is going to conduct another Shoot For Wind lighting workshop on July 11th, 2015. I hope to see you there.

Below are the BTS frames, as well as some of the better frames from that session. 




From my backyard I can see the big, red barn.

The old structure has been there a long time obviously, and with it comes the history of not only Maresh Vineyards, but also a history of the area. Just the vines themselves, still sleeping since early winter, have character and charisma. The only color emitting from the ancient looking stumps is lichen and moss, but hidden inside the roots, is a legacy—years of supplying some of the finest winemakers in the world with fruit that is converted to world class Pinot Noir.

I waited towards the end of the day to take these photographs in the best possible light, but as I arrived the sun hid behind dark, gray storm clouds for the remainder of the evening.

And so these photographs will not dazzle you with a sunburst or an explosion of color, but they undoubtedly represent a typical early spring evening in the Dundee Hills.


Sometimes you have to start them young. 

Sometimes you have to be social for your child even though you're an introvert.

Sometimes it's time to take your ten month old to the library for story time.

And so we did.

It turns out the Newberg Library has some history haunting the halls, walls, and architecture. Personally I was surprised as I expected our little, small town library to be pretty minimal-- but alas it has character.

Regardless, every Tuesday they put on a thirty to forty five minute story/activity time for babies under a year old, and it's really quite brilliant.


It’s grey. It’s depressing, which is not good medicine for motivation. I’m stuck inside again, and I’m not going to shoot today. The rain returns.

I hate Northwest winters.

But there was a break in the clouds, and so I got my camera, jumped out the front door, and started looking for interesting light. The truth is the break lasted all but three minutes, yet sometimes you just have to suck it up, look for something interesting, and live with the flat, gray blah that nature hands you.