Audrey Skullee


Modeling isn't about getting up and looking beautiful; it's hard work and a lot of preparation.

A couple of weeks ago Jeannie Wheeler, Anika Cherie, Audrey Skullee, and I prepared for a rather difficult shoot in cold water and water falls near Roseburg, Oregon. While we cannot post the photos from the shoot at this time (exclusivity clause for print), I did take some behind-the-scenes images of the preparation and a few of the prep location. 

I would like to extend a special thank you to Anika and Audrey for being professionals even though they were so cold they were shaking (literally). It pains me to even think about what you two had to endure in the name of art. 

Thank you.


Model: Audrey Skullee Facebook Page (link)

Model: Anika Cherie Facebook Page (link)

Photographer, Makeup, Hair, and Costume Design: Jeannie Wheeler Facebook Page (link)